Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sources of pricing data?

Daily prices are getting from IEXCloud and some financial ratios (i.e. P/E) are coming from Yahoo Finance.

How often are the data refreshed?

Intraday prices and news are pulled hourly. End-of-day prices and model calibration are refreshed around 5 pm before official closing (Nasdaq) prices are pulled at 8 pm and everything is recomputed and refreshed around 9 pm.

How are stock themes (topics) collected?

IEXCloud provides industry/sector tags for each stock but sometimes they are incorrect. All the default themes(topics) are grouped into Classical sectors. For emerging and refined sectors, a combination of works is involved – some themes are collected from different sources including discussion forums; some are the results of using text search/NLP to find similarities in news and company descriptions. There are manual editing and verifications afterward; however, this is labor-intensive work and the MarketComposite site has no guarantee that stocks are correctly labeled in each theme(topic).

What inspired you to create Marketcomposite?

Stock sectors or industries, as classified by GIGC doesn’t accommodate newly developed sectors and industries such as EV, or clean energy. Marketcomposite intends to bring new investment themes into the context. It helps investors to 1) see industry sectors and themes’ movements, 2) stock picking and peer analysis within different sectors and themes, 3) use mathematic model to identify trends and range bound for individual stock.